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The Most Common Iphone Problems Explained

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While iPhones are among the most popular types of wireless phones they are vulnerable to hardware problems that can prevent you from using the devices effectively. Furthermore, if you are among the millions of people who have ditched their traditional landline phones in favor of mobile devices, it is crucial that your smartphone is always in good working condition. If you are a first-time owner of an iPhone, you should be aware of the following common issues with the devices.

Cracked Screens and Broken Glass

Cracked screens are a common problem for iPhone users. Small cracks and chips can expand across the screen hampering your visibility. A damaged screen also makes the phone less responsive to touch. When you move your finger across a shattered phone screen, you can also end up with tiny particles of glass embedded in your skin and cuts.

Repair options for cracked screens and back panels vary depending on your phone model. On some models you can simply replace a cracked screen. On others, broken glass requires replacing the screen, back panel and the phone's touch screen digitizer.

In addition, some repair shops offer front and back panels in a variety of colors enabling you to customize the look of your phone as well.

Defective Battery

If you start noticing that your smartphone's battery life begins to deteriorate faster in between charges, you may need to replace the battery. For iPhone owners, replacing a battery is not as simple as opening a slot and replacing an old battery with a new one.

You must dismantle your phone in order to replace the battery. If your phone is no longer under warranty, it can be cheaper to take the device to a phone repair service instead of sending the device back to the manufacturer and paying top dollar for a battery replacement.

Non-working Buttons

If the home button on your iPhone stops working, you will not be able to complete basics tasks and switch between apps. Normal wear and tear from using your phone can cause the button to become unresponsive. In addition, dirt and oil from your fingers can also cause the button to stop working.

If you enable the assistive touch function in your phone's accessibility settings, you will have access to a virtual home button on your screen. However, that option takes up real estate on your screen.

Repair technicians can clean your phone and replace the part and the ribbon cable attached to the button. If the power and audio buttons stop working, repair shops can replace those parts as well.

Repair Assistance

Attempting to repair on iPhone on your own can be a tedious task. Some iPhone repair shops offer customers DIY kits to fix issues. However, you could damage your phone further if you do not have the right tools or make a mistake. Since your phone is an essential device, it is in your best interest to seek help from experienced technicians.

Furthermore, you are at risk of voiding your phone's warranty by trying to fix the device on your own. If you never need to replace your phone you may not be eligible for a replacement from the manufacturer if you caused damage during a DIY repair attempt.

Instead of risking irreparable damage, take your phone to an iPhone repair specialist so experts can troubleshoot the device. Repair shops have the right tools fix it the device quickly and offer warranties on repairs.

Some repair shops also offer a mail-in repair service. You could opt for iPhone repair in Las Vegas via expedited mail for example. Your device will be fixed within 24 hours and sent back to you via overnight shipping.