Running A Computer Repair Business

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Why Have A Cyber Security Assessment?

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If cyber criminals target your organization, then you could have a lot of damage to repair. You might need to shut your operations down for a time if your systems are affected. Your remedial repair and replacement costs could be high, and you might be liable for damage costs if the attack compromises customer data and information. If you haven’t yet set up a formal cyber security plan, then you should consider hiring specialists to run a security assessment on your business. Read More»

What Types Of Things Will A Managed IT Service Monitor For?

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You might have heard of other businesses successfully using IT management services, and you could be thinking about hiring one of these companies to help your business, too. You might have heard that these services are great for monitoring for problems and addressing these problems when they pop up, but you could be wondering what types of problems they will watch out for. This is a short list of things that your managed IT service will probably monitor. Read More»

Understanding The Attack Surface In Cloud Computing Security

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Folks involved in cloud computing security knowledge training are often taught to think about the attack surface. It represents the sum of all the ways a hostile party might try to access or control a system. Anyone trying to secure the cloud needs to understand what the attack surface looks like in a distributed world. More Attack Surface Cloud-based solutions tend to have greater attack surfaces. Some of this is inherent to the distributed nature of the cloud. Read More»