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How to Be Successful When Giving a Video Deposition

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Do you have to give a video deposition in the future regarding a lawsuit, and feel unprepared about it? You'll want to know the following tips that will ensure that you do everything the right way.

Dress Appropriately 

Depositions for the longest time have typically been done in an office rather than a courtroom. However, COVID-19 has brought the need for technology to be brought into the process, and video depositions are becoming more common so that people can provide a deposition from the comfort of their homes. While this may be a casual setting for you, that doesn't mean you should dress casually. Remember to look professional and dress as if you were doing an in-person deposition. It shows that you're taking the process seriously and reflects well on your character.

Be aware that your video deposition can be brought up in a trial, where the video will be played back to use something that you said as evidence. This means that your video may be part of the trial, and you want to look professional in the video when it is presented. 

Bring A Lawyer

A video deposition can also catch people off guard because it is done in a casual setting and doesn't feel as serious as it should be. Know that it is okay to bring a lawyer to your video deposition, even if it means going to their law office and doing the deposition from their location. Having someone on your side that knows your rights will help prevent you from unknowingly giving them up. For example, a lawyer can prevent you from answering a question that you are allowed to not answer.

Make Corrections During The Deposition

It's possible that you may stumble and say something incorrectly during your video deposition. This can cause you to become very worried that your words will be taken out of context since it's recorded in video form. You should always ask to make corrections to your statements during the deposition, so that request to make a correction is also recorded. While your lawyer will have a chance to review the transcript after the deposition, having that correction recorded as part of the deposition will help avoid any confusion.

Still don't feel prepared for your video deposition? Be sure to ask a lawyer for more help to prepare you for the experience, since they can even prepare you for the type of questions that will be asked.

To learn more about lawyer video depositions, contact a lawyer or legal tech supplier in your area today.