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Five Not-To-Be Ignored Accessories To Enhance Your Home Theater System

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If you're assembling a home theater, you probably have a good idea of the major equipment you'll need. Buying the basics, such as a large screen TV and surround sound is only the beginning. To create a pleasant experience that simulates the look and feel of a true theater, consider some of the often overlooked accessories that can be added to your home theater system. Everything from distracting sound reducing extras to soft lighting to theater concession sets can enhance your home theater dramatically.

1. Blackout Curtains

If you want to maximize the quality of your home theater system, it's a good idea to reduce glare and outside distractions as much as possible. This is especially important if your home theater room has windows. One way to do this is through the use of blackout curtains.

Basically, blackout curtains are designed to block outside light, thus reducing the glare reflected on your television. It may also help reduce outside noise as well, a good feature if your home is located in a noisy traffic area. All this is accomplished by the use of foam or other material lining sewn into the curtains. For home theater usage, it's a good idea to buy curtains that block the highest percentage of light, simulating a true theater experience. If you're handy with a thread and needle, you might transform your existing curtains with the use of insulated blackout fabric, purchased at home goods and fabric stores.

2. Designer Lighting Options

Consider adding a few decorative accent sconces in well-placed spots to enhance your lighting. An accent wall sconce will use incandescent low-wattage light bulbs to produce a soft light where you need it, such as above your concession stand. You might choose an unusually attractive style, such as a wall sconce designed like a movie reel or a star.

3. Concession Stand Equipment

This is a much-overlooked accessory for a top-notch home theater system. Adding some authentic concession equipment to your home theater will offer the genuine experience of going to the movies without having to leave your home. Here are a few concession ideas for your home theater:

  • Candy Case/Stand: If your budget will allow it, consider the purchase of a concession stand and candy case that holds candy bars and popcorn containers. You might want to have such a stand custom fabricated by a specialty company.

  • Popcorn Popper Vendor: For durability and safety, choose a stainless steel and tempered glass popcorn vendor in the size of your choice. If you prefer a free-standing model instead of a table-top vendor, there are various models available, many in nostalgic styles. Be sure your commercial-quality popcorn maker includes a built-in stirring feature with an easy-to-clean design.

  • Realistic Looking Concession Props: You can put these on your tower speaker system, concession cart or anywhere in the room. Props may include replicas of movie theater popcorn boxes and beverage glasses with "fake" cola.

4. Home Cinema Bar or Pub Set

For serving adult beverages, here's an elegant piece of furniture you might want to include in your home theater package. Choose a hardwood finish to complement your decor. They're available in various heights and may come with bar stools or you may purchase them separately.

5. A Theater "Ticket Booth" Replica

Your guests will almost expect to hear "tickets please" when they step up to this unique home theater system accessory. Basically, it's a prop designed like a huge door, complete with curtain-lined "ticket window". You'll find these at specialty home theater and entertainment stores. Some require minimal assembly.

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