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Stepping Stones In The Industrial Computer World: What Courses To Take And When

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Operating industrial computers is nothing like a George Jetson job. If you ever watched an episode of the old cartoon, George Jetson sat at a control panel pushing buttons all day. While this futuristic cartoon did fairly well with predicting some future things, the fact is this: industrial computers are more than just a few buttons. The people that operate them have to have several trainings and courses under their belts before they can stand in front of the control panels and make decisions about what buttons to push. If you are still interested in pursuing this career, you will need to take the following courses, in order, like stepping stones to get into the job.

PLC Programming Basics and PLC Fundamentals Training

The programming basics course teaches you how to program the industrial computers so that the machines to which they are attached do exactly what you want them to do. After learning the programming basics and passing the course, you may also have to take a PLC fundamentals training to make sure you know how to operate the specific computers within an industrial plant. Since no two industrial plants are exactly alike when it comes to machines and equipment, you may have to repeat these trainings if you take a job in another plant.

Controllogix Training

This is another training that is often required if you are going to be working with industrial machines and computers. Controllogix is the specific (but basic) programming code for industrial computers. Even though this is the "basic" version, do not let the word "basic" mislead you. Controllogix is much more complex that computer coding and programming for home computers. You should take this one after you have taken and successfully completed the PLC programming basics, as Controllogix builds on that. Some job applicants do not make it past this course, and are wheedled out of the stack of resumes waiting to get hired.

RSLogix 5000 Training

If you have made it this far, congratulations! You have completed some hard courses and difficult trainings, all of which have prepared you for RSLogix 5000. This is the most up-to-date and complicated software and programming language that you will have to master and understand if you expect to operate some of the big industrial machines in the plant for which you want to work. Thankfully, this course, and other courses, you can take online. If you pass, you can print your completion certificate and hand that to the person who is training you or looking to hire you. To find out more, speak with someone like Control Logic Training.