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Tips For Creating An Effective Feedback Loop During Software Implementation

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If you are implementing a new software or service within the company, you are going to have struggles. No implementation goes off perfectly and you can only plan for so much. However, you can make the process go a lot more smoothly and continue improving in general if you take the time to set up a feedback loop between your employees who are actually doing the physical implementation, the company that you are working with, and the management of your company. Here are some tips for creating an effective feedback loop.

1. Have a Centralized Location for Complaints

Your first step is to have a highly organized, central location for complaints. There are going to be complaints about certain parts of the software or service, as well as requests and suggestions for improvement. Make an online complaint board that allows your employees to select the category of complaint that they have, rank it as minor, major, or recommended, and submit it for management to look at. This will allow everyone to make sure that they get their voices heard. All complaints should be marked with a point of contact for the software company or management to talk about the problem. This is important because the person submitting the complaint might have implementation suggestions or other ideas for making the problem better. Do not retaliate against any employees who are complaining because it will decrease the efficacy of the complaint board.

2. Have a Set Time to Check the Board

Finally, make it clear that the complaint board will be checked at specified times once or twice a week. This will complete the feedback loop between your employees and management because they will know exactly when their complaints need to be submitted by.

3. Have a Point Person for Complaints that Created the Software

The next thing that you need to establish is a point person at the software company that will take your complaints and recommended solutions to the team that is implementing the software. This will make it much easier to organize feedback and get help with any problems that might have occurred, making the overall process a lot more efficient.

4. Have a Point Person for Resolutions in Your Own Company

Finally, make sure that you have a point person for resolutions at your own company that will be able to disseminate solution that the software company gave.

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