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Starting A New Business? 4 Questions To Ask About Your Internet Connection

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If you're a new business owner, and you're in the process of setting up your first office, you'll want to avoid mistakes. Your commercial internet connection is one area where even minor mistakes can have catastrophic results for the new business. Unfortunately, when you're starting out in the business world, it can be difficult to know what you'll need when it comes to internet service. To help get you started, here are four questions you should ask your internet provider.

Bandwidth to Grow With?

If you're just starting out with an office of your own, you might only have a couple of employees. If that's the case, minimal upload/download speeds for your internet are going to be fine. However, if you plan on expanding, and hiring new employees – which means an increase in internet activity and devices – those minimal speeds aren't going to cut it for very long. Before you have your internet installed, make sure there's plenty of bandwidth to grow with.

Symmetrical Speeds?

When it comes to upload, and download speed, they're not always equal. Unfortunately, asymmetrical speeds can leave you lagging when it matters most. For maximum benefits from your internet connection, you need your upload, and download times to be symmetrical – the same. This is particularly important if you plan on utilizing cloud storage, or video conferencing in your office. Slower upload speeds could have you wasting valuable time waiting for files to save and conference calls to open. While you're arranging for your commercial internet service, make sure you ask for symmetrical speeds for all uploads, and downloads.

Broadband or Dedicated?

If you're not going to be using your internet connection extensively during your normal business operations, broadband connection may be the way to go. However, if your business depends on speedy internet, you're going to need a dedicated connection. The difference between broadband connection, and a dedicated connection is that one provides you with an "up-to" speed, while the other – the dedicated connection – guarantees you a constant speed. Before you agree to internet service, make sure you're receiving a dedicated connection.

Sufficient Uptime?

There's nothing worse than having your work interrupted by internet downtime. That's the time when your internet is offline and you can't get any work done. When shopping for commercial internet service, ask about the downtime statistics. Make sure that normal downtime is limited to minutes rather than hours per month.

Now that you're setting your new office up, get the most out of your internet connection. Use the questions provided here to avoid a troubled connection. For more information, contact a company like Solarus.