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3 Things To Look For When Buying Two-Way Radios For Hiking

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In today’s world, people certainly think more about smartphones than two-way radios when it comes to communicating with their friends and family. When you’re going hiking, however, there is a chance that you will find yourself in an area where your smartphone just won’t have the best reception—if it will have reception at all. This is why bringing two-way radios along is smart. Then, if you get lost, get hurt, or otherwise want to communicate with your hiking companions, you won’t have to worry about relying on spotty cell phone reception. Read More»

Tips For Buying Quality Home Internet Service

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Are you shopping around for a new internet service but don’t know what service provider to shop from? If so, selecting the right internet service for your home can become difficult to do, which is why it is important that you know what to look for when shopping for a new internet service. A few things to keep in mind are the following: What Bandwidth Limitations They Have: Chances are you likely have a media box that is connected to your TV that allows you to stream online content to your TV. Read More»

The Importance Of An Intellectual Data Strategy For Your Business

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When businesses began seriously relying on computers for data storage, the need for protecting the information stored became hugely important. Today, with so much data being produced around the world every day, the need for data protection is even greater than ever. Protecting your business and your intangible assets, like intellectual property, is vital to preserving your profits and customer base. Find out more about the importance of having an intellectual property strategy in place. Read More»

Five Not-To-Be Ignored Accessories To Enhance Your Home Theater System

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If you’re assembling a home theater, you probably have a good idea of the major equipment you’ll need. Buying the basics, such as a large screen TV and surround sound is only the beginning. To create a pleasant experience that simulates the look and feel of a true theater, consider some of the often overlooked accessories that can be added to your home theater system. Everything from distracting sound reducing extras to soft lighting to theater concession sets can enhance your home theater dramatically. Read More»

4 Steps Toward Smoother Data Center Operation

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As any facility manager who works with technology knows, managing and maintaining a business’s data center can present tremendous challenges. Slow emergency response times, costly wastes of energy, and inefficient maintenance practices can all put a crimp in your ability to provide data for your company smoothly and sustainably. Here are four steps you can take to optimize your data center’s performance. 1. Power Audits How much energy does your data center use, and how efficiently does it use it? Read More»

Modern Farmer? Save Time, Improve Security & Safeguard Animal Health With Outdoor Monitors

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Whether you make your living from farming or you just prefer the company of a few animals for pleasure, keeping them safe and secure can be a full-time responsibility. Cows, horses, sheep and even swine tend to ignore the farmer’s scheduling needs when it comes time to give birth. In the past, this meant farmers often spent their nights trekking back and forth to the barn to check on the welfare of laboring livestock. Read More»

The Future Of Solar Panels: Taking A Look At Solar Cells Made From Biomass-Derived Materials

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With gasoline and other fuel prices soaring over the years, the future lies in the hand of solar energy. By harvesting the power harnessed from the sun, numerous crisis that are faced today can be easily resolved. At the upper atmosphere, the earth receives approximately 174 petawatts of energy, which is more than sufficient to cater to global energy needs. If people rely on solar panels, only 0.0005% of the earth would need to be covered for everyone’s needs to be met. Read More»

Saving Your Tablet From A Watery Demise

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A spilled beverage or an errant slip could easily cause your tablet to become a paperweight. Most tablets are highly vulnerable to moisture, with corrosion or device-killing voltage spikes the norm. This makes getting a drowned one dry as soon as possible especially important. Instead of dreading the worst about your tablet, you could take the following proactive steps to revive your tablet: Step #1: Shut It Down The first step is to turn the tablet off right this instant. Read More»

Intelligent Energy Management Solutions Significantly Improve Home Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency is all about using energy wisely. That energy is either energy that already exists and can be transformed into some other form of energy, such as electricity, or generating energy in more efficient ways using more advanced technology. Energy efficiency has been applied to many places in the workplace, in cars, and in the home. One of the largest sources of electricity or energy in homes is the heating and cooling system. Read More»