Running A Computer Repair Business

Saving Your Tablet From A Watery Demise

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A spilled beverage or an errant slip could easily cause your tablet to become a paperweight. Most tablets are highly vulnerable to moisture, with corrosion or device-killing voltage spikes the norm. This makes getting a drowned one dry as soon as possible especially important. Instead of dreading the worst about your tablet, you could take the following proactive steps to revive your tablet: Step #1: Shut It Down The first step is to turn the tablet off right this instant. Read More»

Why You Should Consider VoIP Service

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With the recent boom in communications technology, consumers now have more options when it comes to phone services. Most people use their phones to conduct many important aspects of daily life. Checking in with doctors, keeping in touch with distant family members, and calling for needed repairs are all generally done over the phone. With many people still struggling to pull themselves out of the Great Recession, prices and quality of service are more important than ever. Read More»

Intelligent Energy Management Solutions Significantly Improve Home Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency is all about using energy wisely. That energy is either energy that already exists and can be transformed into some other form of energy, such as electricity, or generating energy in more efficient ways using more advanced technology. Energy efficiency has been applied to many places in the workplace, in cars, and in the home. One of the largest sources of electricity or energy in homes is the heating and cooling system. Read More»